Friday, July 14, 2006

He's a mean one Mr. Bill

Oh No! He's coming my way. I hope he had lunch! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4 of July 2006

Dove to the sand on 4 July 2006, USS Spiegel Grove (LSD-32) , 130 ft.
Brought some back... Posted by Picasa

Fly like a hawks...bill turtle.

An endagered sea turtle on Molasses reef. Posted by Picasa

Thats one a big Grouper!!!

He is as big as the 35' boat!!!

hehe... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fish galore

Lots of fish...hey is that a mermaid? Man I must be narked... Posted by Picasa

Roll out the carpet

Someone had a brainstorm. and they put carpet down around the edges of the spring. Keeps down the silt quite a bit. Posted by Picasa

Good old Vortex Springs..

A familar scene for those who had their open water checkouts at vortex. Posted by Picasa

Bubbles on the roof

Plenty of air to found at the top of the cave...anyone got a straw? Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hmm, I wonder if they care if I'm down here all alone...with the eels?

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Up and out, cheated death one more time

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Frog kicking

Posted by Picasa Yarg frog kicking his way out of the cave. A frog kick is the proper kick to use in an overhead environment. It does not stir up sand (or silt) maintaining visibility in an overhead environment. Otherwise you have to feel your way out. Hmm...did I check my remaining gas (air) lately?

Talk Box in the Cave at Vortex Springs

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Just up from the gate there is a talk box. Its a five sided box that holds air. You can stick your head inside and have a conversation. Be sure to add a few puffs of 'fresh' air from your regulator to keep from CO2 from building up inside the box.

Its a good place to look for effects of nitrogen narcosis.

The Gate at Vortex.

Posted by PicasaThis is "The Gate" in the cave at Vortex Springs.

The depth at the Gate is about 110 feet. You must have cave certification$ to get the key. From here it gets deep (over 160 feet), and much narrower. Leading to mandatory decompression stops - another training requirement and even more dive gear to carry around.

Well I can't imagine anything beyond the gate that would excite me enough to spend several thousand dollars to see it. Sorry Phil...

Perhaps a mermaid or two enticing me to enter...but none here to be seen.

Empire Mica

10 June 2006

Divers: John 'Doc' Shannon, Gary 'Yarg' Hardison, Robert Todd, and William Jordan

Where: Empire Mica

Boat: Killfish

Captain: Eric

Mate: Hugh